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Door Decor

Crafty door decor

I was going through my old photos and came across this craft project I did sometime ago. Enjoy!

Here is a simple decoration for the front door. art,craft,design,create,diy,DIY,project,home

I felt that our main door could use some sprucing up, that is how I got the idea for this DIY project.

Project Level: Easy

Things you will need:

1) Construction paper in assorted colors

2) Craft Glue

3) Scissors

4) Ruler

5) Markers

6) Poster Paint

None of this is complicated stuff, just your average craft supplies. See it’s easy already. :)  


1) Set everything you need on a work surface.

2) You will need a base. So from a sheet of construction paper,cut out a large oval shape. I chose a green base for this DIY

. 3) Choose contrasting shades of construction paper. I selected red and orange.


4) From the colors you selected cut out petal shapes in large and small sizes.This way you can make layers of petals for your flower.

Tip: Fold the petals into half to create a crease so that they stand out and don’t just stick flat on the base. This gives them a more realistic look.


4)Arrange the petals on the base, like so: diy,DIY,craft,design,create,project,home

5) In the picture above, I created the center of the flower by folding the petals into tiny cones and then flattening them.Here is how I did it: craft,art,DIY,diy,design,create,home,craft,style,project,art,design,homediy,DIY,craft,project,art,design,create,home,diy,DIY,craft,design,art,creative,home

6) This is how the flower looks once the center of it is completed. craft,project,design,create,diy,DIY,home

In this picture, I put a few orange petals on top of the red petals, since there were extra ones left. This way it looks even more colorful.

7) Now we can work on the curly stems.This makes it look like a creeping plant. Here is how to do it. diy,DIY,craft,design,home,create,art

Start with strips of green paper. diy,DIY,art,craft,design,create,home

To make the paper curl up, you need to slide a ruler against the length of the strip, while supporting it with your finger. Do not have to rush through this step, the paper may tear. diy,DIY,craft,art,design,project,create,flower,home

When done right, the strip of paper should end up like the one above.

8) This is how I stuck the curled strips of paper. art,craft,design,home,project,diy,DIY

In the above picture, you may have noticed that the center of the flower has a new addition. Making the yellow center is simple. Cut a disc out of yellow construction paper. Now make several slits along the edge of the disc. To make it stand out, just fold the frayed edges of the disc upward. Voila! the center of the flower looks even more realistic.

9) As a border for the base, I pleated three strips of green paper, to get a woven design. craft,art,design,create,diy,DIY,project,homedesign,create,art,craft,diy,DIY,project,homedesign,craft,art,diy,DIY,project,home  

10) When gluing the braided green strips along the edges, make sure to fold it into shape so that it fits neatly along the border. art,craft,design,project,home

11) Now you can paint a verse or a simple greeting message on the base. I decided to write “Home Sweet Home”. I painted the words in pearl white paint, so that light can reflect off of the paint.

Final touches:

1) Outline the painted words with a marker, to give it a neater appearance.

2)Using glitter tubes or pens, you can outline the petals and braided strips of paper.This will reflect light and give a sparkly finish to the decoration.

All done! Now you can hang your masterpiece on the door or anywhere else around the house. Display your artistic skills. :)

Here is a picture of the finished product: art,craft,design,create,home,project,diy,DIY

Now Our vintage door has a personal touch to it. Perfect! To keep tabs on new craft projects by Vin, click here.

Got a craft project you want to submit? Tell me about it right here:

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